Friday, July 09, 2010

Akademy is over for me

I'm writing this while heading to the airport to go back home. It's been an interesting Akademy, well organiced and with a lot of good topics to disscuss. Last night we ended up in a karaoke...something unexpected but really fun. Listening people from Netherlands, India, México, Brazil and Spain singing together is not common, right?

This Akademy has also been a little different because of the World Cup. Obviously for all the spaniards that came to Tampere we have enjoyed it a lot. Let's see what happens this sunday against Netherlands. If we win.....Spain will be a huge party.

I've attended to several BoFs related with many different topics. I've also updated my laptop, tryed some new KDE features, talk about several little improvements and coordinated different actions I'll be helping on. Akademy is fun, but definetly means a lot of work of all of us.

As expected, my clothe doesn't fit into my bag. Buying clothe in the summer sales may cost me a lot....thanks God Antonio Larrosa is flying to Málaga in the same plane that I am and he has a little room in his baggage for some of my new clothe.

So, with a lot of hours of sleeping to take, a couple of extra kilos, a two weeks beard and tons of new experiences lived vacations in Finland comes to an end. Thanks to all the KDE people and to the local team for organicing everything. See you all next year in the II Desktop Summit.

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