Saturday, July 03, 2010

Akademy 2010 Day 0

After spending a week visiting different places from the middle part of Finland with Nacho and Heidi Vilppola (thanks both for your hospitality) and their family I went to the train station to go down south to Tampere, where Akademy 2010 will begin tomorrow (saturdayjuly 3rd).

The train I was going to take was full so I have to wait an hour and a half for the following one, which makes the same trip as the previous one but takes one hour longer (4 instead of 3 hours). Not a good start.

I went with my friends to do some shopping while waiting for the train. It is summer sales period in Finland so I ended up buying some clothes at a real good price. In fact, now it doesn't fit into my bag. I have a problem....

When I got into the train....Jonathan Riddell was sleeping at my seat. What a surprise! He was comming from Oulu (a city which I also visited a few days ago). We haven't seen each other since GCDS, so we had some things to talk about.

So after all, not being able to travel in the train I was supposed to, was a good thing.

Once I arrived to Tampere and made my check-in in the hostal, I went to the welcome party/registration place. This is something we usually didn't do but since it worked well last year at GCDS, the organization has repeated this year. I had the chance to meet everybody and have some beers at night with the "spanish team". Tomorrow is when the real action begins.


Unknown said...

So jealous! Hope you well and you pass what you come with batteries charged.

Anonymous said...

there has been a friday registration/meetup since at least 2006