Monday, February 20, 2006

Friday afternoon at Malaga Conference

At the end of the conference, we went to eat at the same place we did the days before. I met Michael Wechner and Lars Ellebretch, from Apache Fundation. After lunch we took the bus and went back to the residence. We tried to prepare a presentation of mEDUXa in Gonzalo's laptop. Although back at the Gran Canaria's office Richard Dale, Noel Torres and Miki made a good effort, we coudn't fix the problems on the develop machine we have, so we couldn't make the show on the restaurant we went at night.

We had dinner with the KDE team that assisted to Malaga, among others. We had a good time.

Last day of the conference

The last day in the conference was also very interesing. We assisted to the last conference. I had the guts to ask a question related to the future role they visualice that small freesoft companies can play in the comunity. The answer wasn't satisfactory, although they pointed some interesting comments.

Me and Gonzalo Aller showed a wiki to Javier Bustamante. He liked what he saw. We explained to him this powerful tool. Gonzalo is one of the most enthusiastic person I know about wikis. I think there are reasons for that.

Second day in Málaga's Conference (thursday afternoon)

Two kids mounted on a motorbike tried to steelmy laptop. They couldn't. Back in the conference place, I talked with a couple of companies to offer our services.

I've talked with workers from some companies thata assisted to the conference.

I assisted to the conference that Javier Bustamante and Francis Pisani gave (don't remember the name of the third guy). It was great. I wen't at night to have dinner with some guys from Galicia (in the northwest of Spain). Some of them are from the company Igalia. They develop Fisterra, a useful application for small and medium companies.

Thursday morning

In the morning we woke up late. Yestarday we had a nice party time. We tryed to assist to Alan Kay's presentation. There was too many people and the conference room was too small. We tryed to talk to the organization so they change the location of the conference. They gave us no solution. Many people couldn't assist, we among them. Finally Kay didn't assist. His editor went in his place.

I wen't to the work room but couldn't connect to internet by wifi. I talked there with the foreing group of KDE developers. We took them to have lunch with us. They told me András Mantia knows how to connect by cable to internet. I'll ask him this afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon in Málaga (first day)

I assisted to Michail Bletsas's conference. But I arrived late so I didn heard the hardware part. It was a nice conference. Meanwhile a talked with the Miguel García Capilla, from XOOPS project.

I've been talked in the afternoon with KDE developers, the developer of Quanta Plus, Andras Mantia, a developer of KDE PIM, Till Adam, the tecnician responsable of migration in Berlin with NX, Michael Manke, the developer of "Hot New Stuff...", Alexander Dymo, a mainteiner of KDevelop and some other guys. I've already knew them from Akademy 2005. Melenas, a solid member of KDE-hispano, is doing a good job with kde-Guadalinex. I listened his conferenceand we have to collaborate.

I've meet again David Santos Orcero. I't always a pleasure talk to him. I've meet the Bulma guys. David introduced them to me. I've also meet the president of Gnome hispano (don't remember his name). The first impression is that he is a inteligent guy, which it didn't surprised me. Gnome is a great project and has to be directed by an inteligent people.

At night, Antonio Larrosa took us to have dinner. The place was a typical southern spanish restaurant. We had a good time. I won't say anything about what happened later.

Málaga Conference about free software

I assisted to Málaga Conference about Free Software. I went with Gonzalo Aller, from Grupo CPD, among others.

Wednesday morning

I've seen the new linex product for primary schools. It's great. Although I don't agree with some ideas that we included in mEDUXa primaria, the job they have done is great. One detail it's cool, they have called the user space exactly the same as we did, "Mi mochila". We have called "La Mochila". Eventhough it is a word used frecuently in spanish schools, it is a coincidence. I'm am happy about it. It means we are in the right way.

I talked with people from most of the educational distributions from spain. The argentinian's developer of Linex, Dario Rapisardi, explained to me the new Linex desktop for children. We have to learn from Linex project beeing aware that they are innovating, so many of their actions we'llbe wrong. If we use them, we have to be prepare to fail. If we don't we can fail anyway, but we also gonna go slower. The conclusion is, I think, we should use their ideas and make them advance futher.


He visto la Linex para primaria. Se basa en el concepto mixto de barra de iconos e iconos en el escritorio. Son tres niveles. El primero de ellos para no lectores, el segundo para neo lectores y el tercero para niños que ya leen.

He hablado con la gente de Madrid, de Guadalinex, de Lliurex y de Molinux. El desarrollador de Linex, Darío Rapisardi, me ha explicado lo que han hecho para primaria. Lo han intalado en 3 colegios de primaria durante 4 meses y ahora lo lanzarán en todos. Es la idea que deberían hacer en MEDUSA.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some screenshots of mEDUXa

Hi everybody,

here you can see some screenshots of what we are developing for the Canary Islands Educational Department. Is it a linux distributions called mEDUXa based on Kubuntu. Four local companies are working on it:

Grupo CPD ( which includes Fotón, Conysis and Ejercicios Resueltos) and Neuroomante

We are on the late state of the development. After this phase, we gonna test it in some schools and the we will release it.

The screenshot on the right side correspond to mEDUXa for primary schools and the one on the left side is mEDUXa for secondary schools

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wellcome to toscalix's blog

Hi everybody,

I wanted to write a blog since long time ago. I guess some things need time to become true. First, I want to say that writing a blog in english is a challenge for me. I used to speak and write english perfecly. That was long time ago, so excuse the mistakes I will have.

The reason I write in english and not in spanish is simple. It is a good exercise for me so I don't forget the language. It's also a decission that deals with my desire of letting people from other countries know about what's going on here, in the Canary Islands, related with linux.

I hope you enjoy reading not just my posts, but the opinions of my friends and visitors. Feel free to participate.

Thanks and wellcome again.