Monday, December 28, 2009

Events I'll attend during 2010

I write this post while on vacation. I live in the Canary Islands, as you probably know. Although I've been living almost all of my life in Tenerife, the bigger island, I feel La Palma is home. It is a little, still very mountain, island visited by people that loves trekking and adventure sports. It has a National Park, Caldera de Taburiente, the world's biggest active crater. It is an awesome place. Being surrounded by walls of more than a thousand meters tall is something worth seeing, specially in spring, when there is water falling all over.

It's been raining for three days in a row so I've got plenty of time to write...

I'm trying to be updated with some KDE mailing lists where I think I can contribute in the near future: usability, promo, etc. I'm also taking some time to read all mails related with KDE España and participate a little. Organizing the Akademy-es event is our next major task. Some new technicians are joining us lately and we have some people working on the event's organization so we have everything so far to organize a good one.

It is amazing how much information and discussions are around KDE. The KDE SC is becoming great and improving everyday. I feel really comfortable with it and I'm proud to show it every time I have the chance.

This 2010 my plans are attending to FOSDEM, LinuxTag and Akademy. I'm trying also to arrange a visit to GUADEC. I would like to go to Amsterdam during my vacations so I hope I can afford it.

Hopefully this year we will have more Spanish free software companies attending to FOSDEM than ever. We will arrange some meetings there with other free soft. organizations to let them know what we do to figure out how we can collaborate. As I always say, we do great stuff here, but nobody knows it. We need to go out there and show it.

It will be my first time at LinuxTag. I wanted to attend last year but it was too close to GCDS so I couldn't go. This year I will and, since I know people in Berlin, I hope they show me some nice places :-). It'll be my first time in Germany.

Akademy this year take place in Tampere, so again, it'll be my first visit to Finland. I hope I have enough time to visit a couple of places besides Tampere. It has to be a great country...during the summer. I'm not sure about it during winter.

I hope you had a nice Christmas. Ah and...Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Call for host for Akademy-es 2010

KDE España opens the Akademy-es Call for Host until January 22nd for 2010 edition. Proposals are welcome. Further information is available through KDE-España website (in spanish).

I'm writing this post from Barcelona, where Maemo Long Weekend is taking place. I'm in an introductory talk about Gtk right now. There is a familiar mixture of Gtk/Qt folks around here :)