Thursday, February 02, 2012

Looking for a new job

After some time resting, sharing time with my family in the Canary Islands and working on personal projects, it's time for me to go back into business. So I'll be looking for a new job as my major goal the following weeks/months.
  1. I would like to work for a company with business interests in several countries, not just Spain. I'm used to travel up to 75% of my work time and I'm open for relocation.
  2. Since 2003 I've been fully involved in projects, non-profits and companies directly related with FLOSS. I would like to work for a FLOSS organization or an entity that would like to open its business to Free/Open Source Software models.
  3. Although I studied Applied Physics (electronic), I'm not a technician. I have experience in the business and executive field. I also have experience as project/program manager and business developer.
  4. Most of the people out of Spain know me because I'm involved in KDE, but my experience in FLOSS goes beyond desktops.
  5. I've assumed a lot of responsibilities my entire professional career (since 1998), leading small companies, projects and business associations. I'm used to dealing with conflicts and tough situations that need to take risks and decisions.
  6. The above do not mean I'm not a team player. I am. I've been part of high skilled teams in very technical projects up to political initiatives.

Like many others with experience in Free/Open Source Software business, I'm used to fighting against giants. Smart people, passion, innovation, cooperation and hard work can take any organization where once seemed impossible. I would like to have the chance to prove it once again in my following job.

To get further details about my experience and skills, please contact me. I will send you my resume:
You can also check my Linkedin profile.


Robert Kaiser said...

Make sure you take a look at - we're always searching for good people who want to fight for open software and open standards!

toscalix said...

Hi Robert,

I already summitted my CV to a couple of openings, thanks.