Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit: Akademy-es Call for Participation

The Gran Canaria Desktop Summit will celebrate, along with GUADEC and Akademy, the spanish annual conferences of both communities: GAUDEC-es and Akademy-es. KDE-España, has made public the Akdemy-es Call for Participation. This event will take place on friday July 10th and saturday July 11th. GUADEC-es still do not have dates yet but they will probably next week.

276 people have already registered on the event and we have more than 1.8 million hits on the web. We expect to have a big encrease during the following month so, if you want a cheap accomodation, I recomend you to register as soon as you can.

Remember that Call for Participation for the official programe is open so send your paper and participate in this awesome opportunity.

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