Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KDE Organizational Network Program structure

The Organizational Network Program is divided into three subprograms:
  1. KDE Organizational Network Program Guest: basic level
  2. KDE Organizational Network Program Membership: intermediate level
  3. Patron Forum
    Depending on the evolution of the network, more levels can be added. Each level with take into consideration the nature of the three basic targets. Each subprogram offer different kind of networking activities and implies different requirements and commitments.

    The general idea from KDE perspective is that the differences between the first two subprograms, Organizational Network Program Guest and Organizational Network Program Membership are low, while the Patron Forum is a little more that the top level subprogram, that include some extra services.

    The KDE ON can also be described as a business opportunity KDE offers to organizations related to our project, linked to our community and our software.

The KDE Organizational Network Program is based in networking

    KDE Organizational Network Program is a networking based service associated to our community and our software with the idea of building a network of organizations around us that, through a structured program, build new relations among them thanks to the creation of an adequate environment. That environment will be possible to build because of:
  • The involvement of KDE members with experience in two areas:
    • Community management and development.
    • The field where the organizations belong (Education, business and non-profits).
  • The experience KDE have in key areas like
    • building communication channels.
    • community decision making procedures.
    • mentoring programs.
    • organizing events.
  • Existence of a Core Group of organizations already interested in building such a network. Most of them have a very strong relation with KDE actually. Some of them are Patrons.
  • KDE support to the Program.

    KDE Organizational Network Guest/Member Program are networking (sub)programs, while the Patron Forum is an institutional/political/commercial program, so it has a different nature. Each subprogram is described in following sections.

    KDE  ON Guest/Member subprograms must be seen as a two stop journey to become part of KDE. By becoming a Guest, the organization will have the opportunity to build relations with KDE, other Program Guests and Members. Every networking activity will have a digital nature.

    If the evaluation is positive, KDE will offer to the organization the chance to become a Member of the Program. If the organization accepts, it will participate in further activities. Several of them are physical.

     KDE  ON Guest/Member subprograms are designed for three different type of organizations:
  1. Education
  2. Business
  3. Non-profit

    Some of the activities and procedures are common to those three, but some will be different.

Please remember that this articles is just the latest of a series (7 more articles). Please read the previous ones to fully understand the ideas proposed above.

All the above are personal ideas, even though they are written in third person. Do not take this as a KDE strategy or Plan. They are not.

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