Friday, February 24, 2012

Study of Spanish Internet users habits

The Association of Communication Media Research (AIMC) from Spain has published its annual study, based on questionnaires. This year (2011) almost 35 thousand people has participated.

This annual survey is the most relevant in Spain. This is its 14th edition. It tries to analyze Internet users habits, specially related to media. The first part of the survey deals with basic questions related with time spent in Internet, tools used, connectivity, SO, browser, frequently used services, etc.

As every year, many conclusions might be taken from this survey. I want to point here some interesting ones:
  • The percentage of users that connect to Internet through a Linux based system has grown from 3.3% up to 3.6% last year due to the irruption in the survey of Android (0.7%).
  • Microsoft market has gone from 86.1% to 86% during last year.
  • Mozilla Firefox has drop from 36.6% to 31.6% but this year is the number one browser in Spain. IE is second with 30.1% and Chrome third with 29% Chrome is growing fast.
  • Android is the leading mobile OS (40.5%) followed by iOS (22.4%), Symbian (11.5%) and Blackberry (11.3%). 6.3% admits that do not know what OS is shipped in his/her mobile phone.
  • 93.4% of electronic newspaper readers use a PC/laptop/netbook, 12.9% tablets and 34.4% phones (obviously these are not exclusive).
  • 45.5% of Internet users listen digital radio stations or on line music services like LastFM, Spotify, etc.
  • 52.5% say unwanted/unauthorized advertisement is a big problem and 48.5% say Internet speed need improvement. 

The study is very interesting for many KDE related areas.

Please remember that this numbers are referred to Internet users only.

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