Tuesday, October 25, 2011

KDE at the Libre Software World Conference 2011

Libre Software World Conference (LSWC'11) is the most important commercial event related with Free Software in Spain. It is organized by ASOLIF, the National Federation of SME's Free Software Associations. As you might remember, I was its Manager Director just a few weeks ago.

Last year it was organized in Málaga, Andalusia, and this year it will take place in Zaragoza. The regional Association from the region, CESLA, along with the Municipality, play a key role in the organization of the event.

This edition includes the Joomla Day and the Python Day, which will help bringing to the LSWC'11 even more people than last year, specially technicians, which I think is really good. The event will take place on November 9th and 10th.The following two days, Zentyal celebrates it first Zentyal Summit in the same place. Zentyal contributors , partners, users and employees from all over the world will meet there to take this Free Software Business Server one step further. A lot of good news will come out of it.

Representing KDE Spain, I will give a conference called KDE as a solution in business environments. It is scheduled on November 10th at 10:30 a.m. Although there are several activities at the same time, I expect a lot of people attending since it take place in the central room. That is pressure :-)

As you can see in the program, more than 70 talks and workshop are scheduled. More than 100 companies will be there and more than 500 atendees will participate those two days.

By the way, Microsoft is sponsoring the event.


Unknown said...

Follow the talk about KDE during the LSWC through streamming: http://www.libresoftwareworldconference.com/streaming.html

Unknown said...

Eventhough I had well prepared the talk, I spent too much time on the first part and couldn't do deeply on the second part of the talk.

I had a good feedback. About 40 people attended (less than expected, to be honest) but most of them were IT executive and CEO, which was really good.

I have the intention to repeat the talk in the future in this kind of commercial events, so I consider this as the beginning of a series of actions that I hope it helps to bring more attention to KDE in the commercial field in the near future.

I'll try to get some numbers of the people that watched the talk through streaming.