Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kubuntu...rescues another Windows. I need a special distro for this.

No matter how old I get, I can't get away from friends of mine calling me for help when their Windows have a problem. I have finally get to a point where they call me only when the fire is clearly visible, but still it is too often....

This week I had to do it again. I've became an expert:

  • Save the data...that means the whole harddisk, since you never know for sure where Windows apps save the key data

  • Check harddisk's integrity. It would be nice to have statistics about how often a harddisk breaks with windows installed compared with linux in the same enviroment.

  • Pass an antivirus, maybe you just have to restore a couple of archives.

  • Try to restore the windows installation (this doesn't work in 99% of the cases)

  • Format the harddisk

  • Install windows

  • Install drivers

  • Install apps

  • Restore data

  • Restore configurations

  • Install eDonkey or similar (this is a special category even for corporative computers) :)

I used to do some of these operations with Knoppix, but lately I do them with Kubuntu. I would like to use a pendrive specially prepared for this. I have a Mandrake one (from aKademy 2007) but I prefer a Debian based one (I'm more used to it). Is there any?

Maybe next time I have to help somebody to restore the Windows, I convince myself to do it. It is such a pain.....


Anonymous said...


That's one problem that I have almost everyday :)

I'm a linux guy supporting 450 windows users and servers and I think that I can resolve your problem.

Try System RescueCD,

It fits on a small pen and have everything that you will need, although Kubuntu has a real advantage: You can always try to install it "by mistake" and who knows? Maybe they like it :)

I know, my English is bad...

Thomas said...


I suggest next time installing kubuntu instead on such a machine and telling the guy you found a new version of Windows thats slightly different, but much more stable.

Don't forget to install something that looks like a virus scanner ;)

Anonymous said...

@Thomas - Of just put KlamAV on there ;)

Anonymous said...

Personal favourite rescue CD:


Anonymous said...

So I can download Rescue CD an put it into a pendrive and use to rescue windows Op. Systems or doing some rescue operations with linux also?

I 've never configured before a pen drive as a bootable unit. I'm going to find a Howto and try to do it.

Thanks for your comments

Anonymous said...

I've used to create a kubuntu usb key. It's easy and it works.

Anonymous said...

You have detailed explanations how to put system rescure into an usb here :

It's easy.